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  1. Corner of Pilot Peak road, Snowy View road and Black Elk trail in Laramie, Wyoming, where I would have made it in 2015 to pay my respects except that a blizzard and a foolish truck driver blocked the roads.

    Matthew Shepard should be nearly 50, sitting on the deck of his home with his husband, the framed photo of them getting married on the first occasion after the Supreme Court decision in pride of place in the room behind them.


  2. Pilot Peak Rd, near Laramie, Wyoming, USA
    41°17’45.3″N 105°30’53.7″W
    41.295928, -105.514918

    Guessing its something to do with Matthew Shepard – possibly murder site?

  3. Pilot Peak and Snowy View Roads intersection, Laramie, WY, USA. Location of the murder of Mathew Shepherd in 1998.

  4. Matthew Shepard Murder Site, Laramie, Wyoming, USA
    41°17’45.58″N 105°30’54.43″W

  5. Laramie – Wyoming, 41°17’46.22″ N 105°30’53.10″ W,
    Corner of Black Elk Trail / Pilot Peak Road / Snowy View Road
    Maybe it has to do with Matthew Shepard: on the night of October 6, 1998, two young men robbed, kidnapped, and tortured a young man named Matthew Shepard simply because he was gay.
    They drove Matt to a field on the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming, tied him to a fence, and left him to die. He clung to life for five days before he succumbed to severe injuries from the attack and died on October 12, 1998

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