How to Play

How do I do this?

To participate, just make your guess in the comments section for each photo.

New contests are published every Friday at 21:30 GMT and the contest runs until 21:00 GMT on the following Friday.  Each Wednesday at 0:00 hrs GMT a hint will be published. If you submit a correct answer before the hint is out, you’ll earn an extra point, so submit your guess as soon as you have an idea.  You can submit multiple guesses, but only the last counts.

Anything and everything is fair game for getting a correct answer.

Guesses will be held until the end of the contest when they will all be made public.

The contests are divided into groups of 10, and we publish a running list of the leaders of the current series.  The overall series winners are immortalized in the “Past Winners” page

What will I win?

Um … it’s a free game, so nothing tangible.  You will, however, gain a better understanding of the world on which we all live!

Oh, plus, there’s the bragging rights!

Anything else I need to know

For a player to be recognized in the reveal, leaderboard or past winners page, they will need to provide a verifiable e-mail address and respond to a verification e-mail following their first contest entry following this post with the following exception:

  • Anyone who has played prior to Contest #630 and is in our database of players prior to Contest #630 will be considered to be verified already.