Privacy Policy

This site,, does retain certain personal identifiers, specifically e-mail addresses, for use by the site to track game scores.

We will also, with your explicit permissions, store cookies in your browser to allow the site to recognize the commenter and display their answers before the current contest ends. Accepting this cookie is in NO way a condition of playing the game and if you choose not to accept the cookie, the only impact will be that you will not receive confirmation that your entry was received prior to the close of the contest. You can approve cookies by checking the box just above the “Post Comment” button or reject the cookies by leaving the box unchecked.

None of the GDPR Special categories of personal data are collected or retained. By continuing to play the game, you are consenting to the retention of your e-mail address.

The administrators of will not sell this information to anyone. We do not share this information with anyone not directly involved with the production and scoring of the game, and then only for use in tracking game scores or contacting the player for game-related issues. The e-mail address would also be used to notify players in the event of a suspected or confirmed compromise of their data.

Players who feel that their information may have been compromised, or those who wish to have their e-mail address erased from our servers, should contact the site’s privacy officer (currently Paul Franson –