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Contest #492: Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division, Crane, Indiana, USA

Also called Naval Support Activity, Crane, NSA Crane, or Crane Naval Depot, this is the 3rd largest Naval facility (by area) in the world. It is also completely landlocked.

NSA Crane

NSA Crane has a mission to support a variety of naval operations, including electronic warfare, naval flight systems, small arms research and operations, missile launch platforms, etc. There are about 3300 personnel on site.

NSWC Crane Focus Areas Chart.jpg

Those who floated the correct position for 2 points included:

  • hhgygy
  • Garfield
  • Lelie
  • Phil Ower
  • Eloy Cano
  • Lighthouse

And after the hint:

  • Glenmorren

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Contest #492 Hint

Odd placement considering that nearest ocean is almost 1000km away.

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Contest #492


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Contest #491: Baljenac Island, Croatia

This island served as a garden site for the residents of Kaprije, an island in the Šibenik archipelago on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Fishermen would drop their wives off on the island on their way out to catch fish, then pick them up on their way home at night. The wives would tend to gardens bordered by the hand-made dry walls. In the last century or so, this practice has dwindled, so that the land has gone fallow and is slowly being taken over by pine trees.


Those who found this fingerprint island included:

  • hhgygy
  • Phil Ower
  • Eloy Cano
  • Glenmorren
  • Rob de Wolff
  • Jeather
  • Robin
  • Garfield
  • Chris Nason
  • RicardPG
  • joe9000
  • Lighthouse
  • Max_Power
  • mehmet durmus

and after the hint:

  • Ashwini Agrawal
  • Ben S
  • Tuxedo Jones
  • Lelie

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Contest #491 Hint

Over 20 km of walls on an island that is less than 1/4 km2

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Contest #491


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Contest #488: Divine Mercy Shrine, El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Built in 2008, this Catholic monument consists of a 50 foot statue of Jesus. At his feet is a “healing chapel”. Radiating from his chest is a staircase, where the faithful can ascend and enter a “Chamber of Adoration” and another structure leading to the visitor’s center. The overall image is designed to mimic the iconic image of the “Divine Mercy” Christ.

Faustina's Christ of Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy Christ - 1.JPG

Those who climbed the steps without help included:

And those who needed a little help:

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Contest #488 Hint

The faithful come from all over to climb the steps.

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Contest #488


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Contest #487: Nobel Laureate Only Parking, UC Campus, Berkeley, California, USA

UC Berkely is known for having an absurd number of Nobel Laureates in various sciences. So many, in fact, that they have developed this perk — free, dedicated parking exclusively for them for life.

There are 6 “Reserved NL” spots and the signs are very well respected by students and faculty alike, and very rarely does the campus police have to enforce with tickets or towing. Dr. George Smoot, Laureate in Physics in 2006, did explain, however, in a 2009 interview that the permits are “temporary” and have to be renewed each year. “And so, twice now I’ve gotten tickets because I didn’t, you know, remember to renew it on time.”

Those who parked for free and got 2 points:

  • Glenmorren
  • Jeather
  • Garfield*
  • Declan Moore
  • George, Esq
  • hhgygy
  • Lighthouse*
  • Eloy Cano
  • Phil Ower
  • RicardPG
  • mehmet durmus

And a special shout out to the 2 of these folks who apparently can read our minds and realized we were focused on the parking spots — anyone who got the location got credit, but these Garfield and Lighthouse knew we were all about the Nobel Laureates BEFORE the hint

And those who had to feed the meter for just 1 point:

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