Contest #818 Hint

There used to be a fence where the line is north of the road. The fence was torn down because of what happened to a young man there simply because of who he loved.

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  1. Pilot Peak Road, Laramie, Wyoming, US.
    Although I had previously come out to the gruesome murder of Matthew Steward I overlooked the location, especially since from the stories there was talk of a very remote location where it happened, while there are still a fair number of houses here which makes it even more unimaginable that something so gruesome could have taken place here without anyone noticing and the body being found so late.

  2. Pilot Peak road, Laramy Wyoming, place where Matthew Shepard was left for death. Tragic…

  3. The murder of Andrew Shepard, Pilot Peak Road, Laramie, Wyoming, USA
    41 17 44 N, 105 30 53W

  4. The site of Matthew Sheppard mirder east of laramie, wy, usa

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