Contest #709 – Hint

Doesn’t look like it, but this was the site of the king (or emperor) of big explosions.

BTW, Wikipedia disagrees on the location compared to the sources we used. The difference is fairly small, but if you feel that you missed out on 2 points because you looked where Wikipedia’s location was and it didn’t match the contest image, make your case and we *might* go ahead and award you the extra point.

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  1. “BTW, Wikipedia disagrees on the location…”

    english and russian and french wiki do not agree indeed
    french wiki gives your coordinates!

  2. I’m happy to take the lesser amount, because I’d picked the right landform but never actually found the spot. I mean, tundra lava plains with glacial tongues in the far north … but yes, the Tsar Bomba was one hell of a bang. And seriously, what difference is a couple of km going to make?

    There’s also this spot listed: 73°43’04.5″N+54°11’29.8″E

  3. The Tsar Bomb
    Virtual Globetrotting shows the same location as yours at
    73.5431720, 54.7470395

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