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  1. Testing location of the Tsar Bomba, Novaya Zemlya, Russia
    73°32’40.78″N 54°42’16.78″E

    Good contest!

  2. 73°32’47.65″ N 54°40’11.98″ E
    Tsar Bomba (King of Bombs), tested on 30 October 1961
    Novaya Zemlya, Russia
    Site of the world’s largest nuclear explosion

  3. Tsar Bomba exploded here in 1961. Nova Zembla.


  4. The AN602, also known as the Tsar Bomba (Царь-бо́мба), was a hydrogen aerial bomb and is the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created and tested. The bomb was dropped 30 October 1961, from a Tu-95V aircraft and detonated 4,000 metres above the Sukhoy Nos (“Dry Nose”) cape of Severny Island.


  5. A random(? In any case, it is not the location Wikipedia gives for, for example, Tsar Bomba) location on Nova Zembla.
    Coordinates 73.545337°, 54.699822°.

  6. Possibly the Tsar Bomba explosion site
    Severny Island, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
    73°32’33.6″N 54°40’56.1″E
    73.542658, 54.682247

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