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  1. Former Officers Quarters at Brighton Marine Campus, Boston, MA
    42°20’52.90″N 71° 8’31.49″W

  2. Don’t know yet what it is nand which role it has in a novel or inspiration to it, but it is in Boston. 42°20’53.06″N, 71° 8’31.56″W. A part of the Brighton Marine Health Center.

  3. OK found it by random flying but I am proud that I was in the right city very soon. It is a section of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, I can see the Brighton Marine building complex there.
    The only literary connection I found was Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace but I did not know the writer or the book although I can see it is a bestseller and already translated into Hungarian.

  4. Brighton Marine Health Center, Boston. The “seven moons orbiting a dead planet.” David Foster Wallace’s’ Infinite Jest.

  5. Hospital Road, Boston, Massaschusetts, USA. Coordinates 42.348053°, -71.142069°.

  6. @ 42.348159° -71.141923°, fictional location in the totally unknown novel infinite jest by totally unknown writer david foster wallace: wikipedia reads “The fictional E.T.A. is a series of buildings laid out as a cardioid atop a hill on Commonwealth Avenue” here we are

  7. Residences for Veterans at Brighton Marine
    Hospital Road,
    Boston, MA 02135

    42°20’53.05″ N 71°08’28.43″ W

    (David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest)

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