Contest #656 Hint

This one is a little unfair because the building itself was moved across the campus about 9 years after the Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment.

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  1. Brighton Marine Health Centre, Warren St / Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA
    From ‘Infinite Jest’
    42°20’53.1″N 71°08’29.4″W
    42.348089, -71.141509

    Would never have got this without the hint :), and the satellite imagery differs from Google Earth to Google Maps

  2. 42°20’53.44″ N 71°08’29.88″ W
    N/E corner of Fidelis Way Park, Boston, MA, USA
    West of Warren Street
    Eventually any location of “Infinite jest”

  3. “This one is a little unfair”, you say the least. What is that location lost in Boston, MA?
    42°20’53.59″N 71° 8’34.00″W
    Are we looking for the Brighton Marine Health Center, 77 Warren St, Boston, MA 02135?

    If yes, please learn
    Brighton Marine is the network community for uniformed service member transitions and a resource hub of military, veteran and family services in the Greater Boston area.
    311,556 veterans in Massachusetts
    957 homeless veterans in Massachusetts
    344 veterans helped by the Brighton Marine Endowment Fund

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