11 Replies to “Contest #619”

  1. Can’t find what it is, I guess a mini power station. 1031 Church St W
    Jacksonville, Florida. 30°19’57.88″N, 81°40’10.32″W

  2. 1031 Church street west Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Coordinates 30°19’58″N 81°40’09″W.

  3. Jacksonville, Florida, corner of Church W. and Lee St., appears to be an electrical substation, there is an almost identical facility a few blocks east, though more oval shape. Good one!

  4. JEA Church street Substation
    1015 W Church St.
    Jacksonville, Florida

    30°19’59.71″ N 81°40’08.62″ W

  5. Some Jacksonville Electric Authority facility (WHY this one please?!?) in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, Americas, at 30.333212° -81.669231°. I cannot say more because jea.com is down…

  6. Appears to be an circular walled electrical substation.
    Corner of Church Street and Lee Street, near I-95.
    Jacksonville, Florida

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