3 Replies to “Contest #619 Hint”

  1. Corner Church and Lee Street
    Jacksonville, FL, USA

    An electricity (transformation) location?

    30°19’58.90″ N 81°40’09.37″ W

  2. Thanks for the clue. Had to search for what “Downtown” is.
    Knew it was a substation but the world is too big for me to find it without a clue.
    Lat: 30°19’58.85″N
    Lon: 81°40’9.31″W

  3. WHAT is it ?
    30°19’58.95″ N 81°40’09.21″ W
    Jacksonville, Florida
    And WHY have you not chosen the 2nd one ?
    30°20’09.28″ N 81°39’16.55″ W

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