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Contest #440


March 18th, 2016 Posted by | Uncategorized | 10 comments

10 Responses to “Contest #440”

  1. 10 seconds….Inexpressible Island, Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica

  2. Terra Nova Bay, with Inexpressible Island,
    at 75°10’52.22″S 163°53’56.09″E

  3. Reeves Glacier and Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica
    -75.056540° 163.346195°

    Reeves was a bit hard to identify, as there are several glaciers in the area, and Wikipedia’s list didn’t include this one.

  4. Inexpressible Island, Ross Sea, Antarctique, south of volcano MELBOURNE,
    74°59′39.16″ S 163°20′36.61″ E

  5. Between Cape Washington, Drygalski Ice Tongue and David Glacier Antartica

  6. Inexpressible Island, Ross Sea, Antarctic. Don’t recall WOGE having a location in the Antarctic, historic site where Victor Campbell’s Northern Party wintered.

  7. The Drygalski Glacier Tongue is a glacier in Antarctica, located on the Scott Coast, in the northern McMurdo Sound of Antarctica’s Ross Dependency, 240 km north of Ross Island.

  8. glacier on Ross Ice Shelf north of McMurdo Stn. Antarctica

  9. Inexpressible Island, Ross Sea, Antarctica

  10. Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition

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