Contest #440 Hint

The original target of this contest is named after a Nobel Peace Price Laureate. Well, named after a mountain that was named after a Nobel Laureate. It’s a place that’s likely to not be there soon.

Apparently, the thing most people that got it are focusing on is a different part of the picture where a group of people spend a particularly miserable winter in 1912.

6 Replies to “Contest #440 Hint”

  1. Nansen ice sheet, Antarctica. The island mentioned in the hint is Inexpressible Island.

  2. “a particularly miserable winter in 1912” : Ok, no idea about the first part of the hint, but this leads to the solution : 1912 = Scott’s polar expedition ( and thus the hint refers to the people who hibernated on Beardmore Glacier in (austral !) winter 1912. Thus :

    Beardmore Glacier, ca. -75°08′, 162°58′

  3. Actually — although the long-lat are correct, the place names aren’t. This is, rather, Mt Bellinghausen, and I’m even more confused than before because this is not where Scott’s expedition hibernated: I gather that they stayed at Beardmore, some 1000 km from Bellinghausen….

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