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Contest #440 Hint

The original target of this contest is named after a Nobel Peace Price Laureate. Well, named after a mountain that was named after a Nobel Laureate. It’s a place that’s likely to not be there soon.

Apparently, the thing most people that got it are focusing on is a different part of the picture where a group of people spend a particularly miserable winter in 1912.

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6 Responses to “Contest #440 Hint”

  1. Drygalski Ice Tongue

  2. Mount Nansen, named after Fridtjof Nansen

  3. Nansen ice sheet, Antarctica. The island mentioned in the hint is Inexpressible Island.

  4. “a particularly miserable winter in 1912” : Ok, no idea about the first part of the hint, but this leads to the solution : 1912 = Scott’s polar expedition (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terra_Nova_Expedition) and thus the hint refers to the people who hibernated on Beardmore Glacier in (austral !) winter 1912. Thus :

    Beardmore Glacier, ca. -75°08′, 162°58′

  5. Actually — although the long-lat are correct, the place names aren’t. This is, rather, Mt Bellinghausen, and I’m even more confused than before because this is not where Scott’s expedition hibernated: I gather that they stayed at Beardmore, some 1000 km from Bellinghausen….

  6. Inexpressible Island, west coast of Ross Sea, Antarctica