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Contest #164 hint

It’s all about the borders again

November 17th, 2010 Posted by | Uncategorized | 9 comments

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  1. The Nicaragua/Costa Rica border that Google got wrong, sparking a small invasion.

  2. Got it exactly – northern {Carribean sea} border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, San Juan de Nicaragua 10° 55? 0? N, 83° 42? 0? W or close enough.

  3. Border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. And apparently there’s a story behind this:


  4. San Juan River between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

  5. Isla Calero and the mouth of the Rio San Juan, which forms the disputed border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Location of a recent border incident partly blamed on Google Maps.

    Center of the picture is roughly 10° 55′ N, 83° 40′ W.

  6. The border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica at the Caribbean Sea.

  7. Nicaragua-Costa Rica border
    10º56’N 83º40’O

  8. Costa Rica/Nicaragua border on the San Juan river

  9. Border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

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