19 Replies to “Contest #164”

  1. San Juan Lake area at the Nicaraguan-Costa Rican border
    That’s the site where Nicaraguan troops set up camp on Costa Rican territory claiming they used Google Maps that turned out to show the border erroneously.

  2. The Calero Island area, at the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica on the Caribbean Sea coast, which Google Earth has apparently drawn in the wrong place, almost causing a war(lol).

  3. 10.931, -83.675

    Northeastern border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, famous now for Nicaragua’s “invasion” into Costa Rica, thinking thy were still in Nicaragua based on borders shown on Google Maps.

  4. Jejeje este es mi país Costa Rica!!!, en este momento la isla Calero lugar del actual conflicto con los invasores Nicaragüenses ( 10°55’26.08″N, 83°40’39.42″O)

  5. Disputed border area between Costa Rica and Nicaragua on the Carribean Coast.
    – sponsored by Google Maps, creators of fine international tensions everywhere…

  6. Isla Calero on the San Juan River on the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. It is a point of contention between the two nations. Nicaraguan troops occupied it last week.

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