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Contest #119

First of all: Happy New Year to you all, and we’ll start 2010 not too easy.

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11 Responses to “Contest #119”

  1. florida keys

  2. Tombolo between Langlade Island (Petite Miquelon) to the south, and Miquelon Island (Grand Miquelon) to the north, Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

  3. This is the tombolo which connects Miquelon and Grand Miquelon Islands…St Pierre et Miquelon, off Newfoundland. Good one.

  4. Island of Miquelon, part of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, a French territory off of Newfoundland, Canada.

  5. La Dune, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, France

  6. Saint Pierre and Michelon, a French island territory just south of Newfoundland

  7. St. Pierre and Miquelon south of Newfoundland Canada

  8. Isthmus between Miquelon Island and Langlade Island. The islands are also known as Grande Miquelon and Petit Miquelon.

  9. Isthmus of Saint Pierre and Miquelon

  10. St Pierre and Miquelon

  11. Miquelon-Langlade, Saint Pierre and Miquelon