Contest #118 answer: Christmas Island

Yes, I admit. It was a bit obvious, but I couldn’t resist it for a December 25th contest. It was Christmas Island, zoomed in on Flying Fish Cove a.k.a. “The Settlement”.

It is Australian territory and has a phosphate mine (from guano manure) as the main economic activity.


Those managed to find Santa:

  • Ivar Bonsaksen
  • Milosh, Serbia
  • Neil
  • Camargo, California
  • Andy McConnell
  • Willem
  • Max_Power
  • Falco

One Reply to “Contest #118 answer: Christmas Island”

  1. I spent far too long trying to find this – and no wonder: it’s¬†essentially random, with no clues in the picture itself. Would the rest of you mind explaining just how you were able to find this?

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