Contest #56 Answer: Hanger 7, Salzburg Airport, Austria

Some people found this one easy, some people found this one hard. I think they key was knowing what it was you were looking at. If you knew it was an airport, then you could probably just search for “airport” and “dome”. It is Hangar 7 at the Salzburg Airport. It is a private hangar owned by the founder of the energy drink company “Red Bull”, Dietrich Mateschitz. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Salzburg.

Those who land safely this time:

  • RDaneel
  • Skip (Austin, TX)
  • Pan
  • PK
  • Keith M
  • Aaron Predeek
  • Brian T
  • Milosh, Serbia
  • Karel
  • Lotsofcats
  • Andy McConnell

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