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  1. This is the Yangshan deep-water port in Shanghai, PRC. Interesting that the third longest bridge in the world is needed to connect these islands to Shanghai. Gotta love Wikipedia.

    I have to admit that I got lucky – spent 15 minutes looking for the distinctive tiling of images with teal and brown water – starting with industrialized areas. The colors didn’t scream “port” to me, despite the bridge and geometric layout.

  2. Yangshan deep-water port, off the coast of Shanghai. Has the world’s longest bridge to reach the shore.


    I looked for polluted waters, and for prevailing winds. Then I started looking for open areas with bodies of water, and scanned onto the Shanghai coast.

  3. Yangshan Deep Water Container Terminal, Shanghai, China.
    Saw it on the Megastructures show on NG.

  4. The Yangshan Deep Water Port, in Hangzhou Bay, south of Shanghai. When completed it will handle large container ships.

    Took over an hour: I first thought it was an offshore oil terminal, because those black patches looked like oil spills. (Maybe they are?) I eventually found it by scanning for any offshore facilities. You can’t tell it’s a container facility from the picture – too little detail.

  5. Yangshan Container Port near Shangai, China.
    This one was difficult for me. I knew it was in a river effluence due to the color of the water, and I believed I could distinguish the cranes for the loading/offloading of containers. I actually looked over this place several times as the zoom images were so different from one level to the next.
    It took me about an hour.

  6. Yangshan Islands, China the site of the Shanghai deep-water port in Hangzhou Bay.

    It didn’t really look like an airport but it could have been. Some military bases and other sensitive sites are either blurred or have inaccurate pics on Google Earth. The brown water and apparent causeway meant it was probably close to, and serves, a large city. The mountains didn’t appear to be volcanic.

    It took me about 45 min.

  7. Yangshan deep water port with Donghai bridge, Shanghai.

    Hard to find. I was extremely lucky to bump into this after 15 mins of find. Found it on the color.
    Shadows indicated Northern hemisphere, I suspected it to be somewhere in Japan, so I started there.

  8. This is the Yangshan Island, home of the Port of Shanghai, and clearly seen is one of the longest bridges in the world – Donghai Bridge


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