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  1. Hangar 7 and 8 in Salzburg Airport, Austria.
    Home of the Flying Bulls museum.
    Found it in 10 mins as it was the first hit when Googling on ‘airport dome hangar’

  2. Salzburg Airport Hangars (Redbull Hangar 7), Salzburg, Austria. At first, I looked at the airports, as it was obviously an airplane hangar, then I googled “semielliptical hangar” and got the answer.

  3. These are the Red Bull Hangars at Salzburg Airport, Austria.

    This was very easy to find: they’re aircraft hangars with interesting architecture, so it took a few minutes of web searching.

  4. Hangar 7 at Salzburg Airport, Austria
    Took about 45 minutes of Google searches around the keywords “egg” and “hangar”

  5. Hangar 7 at Salzburg Airport, Austria.

    Took me about 1 hr, 45 min. I knew it had to be airport hangars from the layout of the concrete pads. The shape of the building suggested an aircraft museum or fancy private terminal. Deciduous trees suggested a temperate climate. I searched well known aircraft museums or news worthy private terminals using those assumptions. Not the easiest, but not very hard either.

    Keith M

  6. Red Bull Hangar-7 – Salzburg Austria

    Obviously Airport hangars. Vegetation/coloration looked European maybe N. American. Searched every airport in Germany (couple hours) in google earth – no luck but a fair number of near hits.

    Found this picture on a search for “glass hangar airport”. http://media.airspacemag.com/images/didi-sigi-388-mar06.jpg

    The lattice & glass roof barely caught my eye and led me to the right answer.

  7. Hangar Seven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Airport (SZG), Salzburg, Austria.

    This is where Red Bull keeps their many vintage aircraft…I have wanted to go here for awhile.

    I am ashamed to admit I got it instantly, because I am a huge fan of the Red Bull fleet.

  8. Hanger-7 in Salzburg Austria.

    I should have had some red-bull before looking for this one 🙂

    Just got home from a long week trip, and saw this and had to look for it. it is now 3am…


  9. I have been away for a few days so this is probably going to finish before I can have a proper look. First glance does not give many clues. It could be anywhere in the northern hemisphere. Not at all easy! hangers of some sort maybe? If I get a chance I will have a look tomorrow.

  10. I give up! I don’t have time today to look at this properly I am sure there are two small aircraft at the front of the bottom hanger but other than that no clue where this is. looked at every air force base in usa and uk over the last hour. so no joy.looks like the uk for some reason.

    Best of luck to everybody.

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