Contest #55 Answer: Savannah, Georgia

The great part about letting contestants who win pick the contests, is that I can always distance myself from things when they get hard and come away looking good. This last contest was probably one of the hardest we’ve had here on WOGE. Very few people got it right, and many who did took a long time to find it. So, I just want everyone to know, ACG picked this one, not me!

The answer is, historic downtown Savannah, Georgia. Here is ACG’s rational for picking it “My wife and I visited Savannah, GA about 2 years ago, and were very impressed with the architecture. The small, treed, green squares seen in the image are small parks, around which the fancy houses were built (according to our tour guide). “

If it is a hard one (like this) remember to put a brief description on how you figured it out. It is interesting to know how other people solved it.

Those who completed the march to the sea:

  • Andy McConnell
  • Aaron Predeek
  • Wendy N
  • Pan
  • Skip (Austin, TX)
  • Ewen
  • Milosh, Serbia
  • Karel
  • Keith M