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  1. It is Savannah.
    I think I was just lucky to bump into it as for me there were no clues in this pic other than it had to be some city with a straight road pattern in the Northern hemisphere.
    It was the color that guided me here.
    Again I missed the fun part, as I have no idea why you chose this (even now, when I know where it is)
    It took me about 50 mins. to find. (See how lucky I was!)

  2. This is Historic Savannah, Georgia. I think this one was challenging, but there are some clues in there. Took me roughly 30 minutes.


  3. Savannah, Georgia. I recognized it immediately. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the US.

  4. Savannah, Georgia

    I figured North American by the look of the blocks and started hitting river cities. Took an hour or so.

  5. Savannah, Georgia. The white building to the left is the Savannah Civic Center.

    My first guesses were New Orleans because of the barges. I knew it was a US city because of the regularity of the streets, and the presence of the interstate on-ramp in the middle of town. After ruling out New Orleans, my first guess (!) was Savannah.


  6. Gary – you may have thought the last one was tough, but I think it was easy compared to this one! I’ve spent an hour looking, and have nothing. Appears to be a industrialized city, temperate climate, interesting urban planning with the park areas, but no distinguishing characteristics to my eye. I can’t identify the water(?) to the north, or pick up on any buildings that give it away… Oh well, there’s always contest #56!

  7. Savannah, Georgia, USA.

    Was hard. Took me a few days of thinking and checking individual cities. I figured the grid pattern was an old world city that had been trashed in the 20th century or a new world city. After looking at all the old world cities I could think of I tried N. America again and started with Florida working my way up the eastern coast of the US. The park pattern was distinctive but that really didn’t help to narrow it down for me. Part luck, part determination.

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