Contest #51 Answer: Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Welcome to the first contest of the ACG era! Where has this rode taken us? It appears to the Canadian Rockies. In particular beautiful Banff National Park and Lake Louise. ACG says it is one of his favorite spots and a place he has visited many times.

The building in the image is the Fairmont Lodge, one of the great lodges in the Canadian Rockies.

As a side note, if you submit an answer, try to also put an estimate of how long it took to answer it. I know some you can get almost instantly, and some take hours.

The Dudleys who Did-right this time (oh, man, I kill myself):

  • Karel (He’s baaack)
  • ej
  • Brian T
  • Milosh, Serbia
  • Skip (Austin, TX)
  • Kevin L
  • PK
  • Pan
  • David S
  • Ewen