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  1. I used to live in London, and commuted by Tube and train for years, so this was instantly recognisable. These are the twin railway stations of Kings Cross (on the right) and St. Pancras, which was recently remodelled as a terminal for Eurostar trains.

  2. On the right, this is King’s Cross railway station, in London, and on the left, aligned N by N-E, this is Saint Pancras station (the “new” building is Saint Pancras International, which is the destination of London-bound Eurostar lines). It took me about half an hour : at first I thought it was a train station from a european northern country so I checked the scandinavian capitals. Then, the King’s cross building looked to me as british, so I took a look at London, and found that the gas tank in the upper part of the image was typically londonish. It took me another 3 secs to type in “saint pancras” and check.

  3. London’s Kings Cross rail station, and Agar town.

    took me about 5 minutes, I first thought of Madrid… but then I noticed the Red busses… which let me to London.


  4. That’s King’s Cross station in Camden, England, a suburb of London. London was my first guess, but it took me half an hour to circle back to it when I missed it the first time… The red buses were a major hint.

  5. It’s Pan….Kings Cross / St. Pancras.

    I knew immediately on this one. Lake Louise took me about 5 minutes. Hambach mine took me a few days as I was stuck in Southwestern England thinking it was one of the many mines there.
    The others have all been relatively quick for me…within an hour.
    I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I do not use the google earth program. Would downloading this make it easier for me? I like the challenge of using clues in geography to try and figure it out.

  6. Kings Cross (right side?) and St. Pancras stations, London. Knew it immediately as I’ve been doing a little bit of reading about high speed rail lines (there’s a ballot prop here in California to construct a SF-LA line) and St. Pancras is the london terminus of the Eurostar.

  7. Kings Cross Station, and Pancras Station, London.
    Seen in the Harry Potter movies, and otherwise famous landmark in London.

  8. St. Pancras Station, London, United Kingdom.

    It took me about an hour to find this. I knew it was a train station, it looked fairly modern, and it looked European.

    Unlike the lake in Banff, which I never got even though I was certain it was somewhere in the mountainous west of North America and spent hour upon hour searching for with various methods.

    Arrrgggg! I hope this washes the stench of stumpedness from my gnarled old carcass.

  9. It London, King’s Cross and St Pancrass railroad stations.
    Found it in 5 mins. on a friend’s iPhone as I am currently on a short sailing trip.. 🙂

  10. London St Pancras Railway Station. Living in England it was the first one I thought of and the direction of the shadows helped.

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