10 Replies to “Contest #51”

  1. Lake Louise, Alberta.

    First guess was lake Moraine, but that was wrong. This little guy was just north. I can’t wait to see the pictures you dig up for it; I’m dying to go to Banff one day.

  2. Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta Canada.

    wouldn’t have been funny to have an image of “area 51” for Contest #51?


  3. Pretty sure this is Lake Louise, near Banff, in the Canadian Rockies. (Not 100% sure that this specific lake is Lake Louise, but the town of Lake Louise is nearby.)

  4. Lake Louise – Alberta, Canada. The Chateau area and parking lots tipped me off. Good one!

  5. Lake Louisa, Alberta, Canada.
    Wow, thought it would be fun to get searching again, but it was extremely hard to find.
    Picking the locations is much easier…;-)

    Any comment on why you chose this?

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