Contest #50 Answer: Hambach Open Pit Mine, Germany

An so ends the final installment of Karel-fest. For his finale, he picked something close to home, just over the border of the Netherlands in Germany, the Hamback Open Pit Mine. The mine is known as the home of one of the largest movable machines in the world. It is one of those things you’ve probably seen on the Discovery Channel. When you see it near car or a person, it is sort of stunning to see just how large it is. The mound next to the mine is also one of the largest man made hills in the world.

With the end on contest 50, the leaderboard will reset and everyone will go back to zero. If you’ve been lurking and waiting to join in, contest 51 will be a chance to start.

ACG will be picking locations for contests number 51-60, as he previously won set #21-30. Other who went 10/10 on this set, will have to wait your turn.

Those who fell into the open pit mine this time:

  • Andy McConnel
  • RDaneel
  • Pan
  • Linda Holland
  • ACG
  • PK
  • David S
  • Kieth M
  • Milosh, Serbia
  • Willem
  • Brian T
  • Skip (Austin, TX)
  • Ewen