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  1. sophienhohe the largest manmade hill in the world.Tagebau Hambach lignite open cast mine. germany

  2. Tagebau Hambach, lignite mine in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Next to this is the largest artificial hill in the world… but ofcourse you can read all that on wikipedia.


  3. It’s the Hambach open cast mine near Hambach, Rheinland, Germany. It’s a source of Lignite (low quality brown coal) which is commonly burned for electricity generation.

  4. Its a “surface” or “strip” mining operating between Elsdorf and Niederzier in Germany.

    Wikipedia tells me the darker green part on the northwest corner is the “Sophienhöhe” – the largest artifical hill in the world. I had no idea!

    The image was pretty clearly a mine of some sort, and the highly irregular field arrangement seemed to indicate europe, the color of the crops looked like what I’d seen when looking at the netherlands from the air, so I started there and worked my way out in a circular pattern.

  5. Largest open pit mine in Germany, just west of Koln. Approximately 50 54’N 6 30’E.

  6. This is the Lignite mine between Elsdorf and Julich near Cologne in Germany. I recognised it because I used Google Earth when I went to Cologne last winter.

    Approx 50 54 40.08 N 6 29 41.82E

  7. It’s Pan…

    Lignite (coal) mine near Hambach, Germany.

    This was VERY hard…I was focused on the huge mines in Western England for the longest time.

    Thank you for the fun!

  8. Karel went to his home region again, right? This looks like a huge mine between Elsdorf and Niederzier, Germany, west of Cologne and close to the Dutch border.

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