Contest #49 Answer: California City, California

The answer to contest #49 is California City, California. The city so nice, they named it twice. Unfortunately, it wasn’t nice enough to actually get people to live there. The original plan of building a giant city in the Mohave desert I guess fly with people. There are 80,000 acres of land dedicated to the city, complete with abandoned, named roads, which you can see in the photo.

Those checking into the Hotel California City:

  • Milosh, Serbia
  • PK
  • RDaneel
  • Brian T
  • Skip (Austin, TX)
  • Pan
  • Kieth M
  • David S
  • ACG
  • Willem
  • Ewen

Remember. the next contest will be the last one for this contest set, and the leaderboard will reset with contest #51. Contest #50 will also be the last one selected by Karel who will be back in the competition pool starting with contest #51. In the event of a tie for this set (which is likely) I’ll be using past sets break the tie.