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  1. A mapped out development of roads in the desert just to the north at the very edge of the photograph is the Silver saddle Ranch and Club. All the streets have names its not far from California City USA. Mojave desert.

  2. Located in the desert, just northeast of California City, CA – at about 35 12’N 117 46’W.

  3. California City, California

    It looked like a massive development project that either a) never happened or b) was in progress. I figured there were only a few places that are arid like the picture and would attempt such a large urban project in the middle of nowhere.

    – First I checked around the middle east oil states
    – Then I checked Israel, thinking maybe it was a huge settlement that never happened.
    Finally I checked the southwest and eventually found California City. I live in CA but I’ve never been here; I kind of want to go check it out some time!

  4. It’s Pan…this is California City, California. Part of Nat Mendelson’s failed project from the late 1950’s to develop a city of the future.

  5. California City, a master planned community in the Mojave desert… that just didn’t take off.

    This shot is at least part of the planned neighborhood layout.


  6. This is part of California City, California: a failed attempt to create a city in the desert, the roads were laid out ambitiously, but the houses just weren’t built. Attempted development is still ongoing, but the housing crisis is not helping..!

    How did I find it? I guessed it was some kind of failed housing development (roads but no houses), and that it was in the USA (the grid layout) and the Southwest (the terrain). After examining known housing crisis blackspots in Arizona and Nevada, I eventually found this through a web search. Not easy, and I wish the picture had been larger, because this one shows very little detail.

  7. California City, CA, just south of Galileo Park (which is just visible at the top).

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