Contest #41 Answer: Ile Amsterdam

This contest was the first opportunity for me to play along, as I had no idea what Karel gave me. The answer is Ile Amsterdam. It is a French Territory in the South Indian Ocean near Antarctica.

The process I went through was something like this:

– There was no obvious evidence of vegetation or human settlements (roads, runways, etc)

This gave me the idea that it was probably non-tropical. If it were tropical, there would be trees on it and probably some sign of humans. Most islands of this size would have some human settlement. (It turns out there is some vegetation on the island)

– It was obviously volcanic, even though the middle of the island was covered with clouds.

Most of the islands in the Arctic are not classic volcanic islands like this. I figured it was one of the odd ball islands in the south.

I also know that Karel is from the Netherlands, and I have no idea if that as part of his decision making in choosing “New Amsterdam”, but I went with it. (I also looked in other former Dutch colonies in Indonesia and the Caribbean).

Getting this one right:

  • Jeff
  • KeithW
  • FergyMadrid
  • David S
  • Skip (Austin, TX)
  • Ewen
  • Andy McConnell
  • Brian T
  • Willem
  • ACG

3 Replies to “Contest #41 Answer: Ile Amsterdam”

  1. Hi all,

    Kudos to the 10 people who got this.
    I hope my first attempt was not too hard.
    I chose it because I recently spoke to someone who is planning to go there and I had never heard of it before.
    And also because it is -at least to my knowledge- one of the most remote spots on this planet. The only means of getting there is a one month trip by boat.

  2. I hope you keep writing analysis of how you would figure it out, Gary. To me the main thing that makes this game fun is exactly figuring out the right method to use.

  3. Ask your friend if he saw any cats there and if so, ask what they look like

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