Contest #27 Answer

The answer for contest #27 is the Gaza Strip. This contest wasn’t that hard, but I picked it for a reason. You can clearly see the outline of the Gaza Strip from the satellite image. The political border has become a very clear geographic border as seen from space. Expect more of these in the future 🙂

Also, if I screw up the leader board, let me know. All answers are available to to the public once the contest is done, so any errors I make can be verified.

Getting #27 correct:

  • Wendy N
  • Matt Manolides
  • Ron Schott
  • Chirs Christensen
  • Skip (from Austin)
  • Ben Bayer
  • David S
  • Karel
  • Josh Cheong
  • ACG
  • Brian T
  • Andy McAllister
  • Peter L
  • Stephen Hope
  • Enrique S
  • Nathan D

Israel/Gaza border (by maryatexitzero)
Image by maryatexitzero