6 Replies to “Contest #28”

  1. It is the most southern island of Tierra del Fuego: the Isla Hornos.
    The southern point is the notorious Cape Horn.

    re: ‘Good Luck’: It wasn’t that hard… 😉

  2. Hornos Island, aka Cabo de Hornos. Also known as the end of the continent of South America… or Cape Horn.

    that was a tough one.

  3. At first I thought it was Pictairn but I quickly realized I had no flipping clue. Tried some obvious guesses… easter? something in the galapagos? St helena? keregulen? ARGH! Can’t be that arbitrary, can it?!

    Maybe it’s the most remote island in the world? Nope. Maybe its some other extreme, like the southern most point in … ah ha! Cape Horn, Chile.

    You’re evil, btw!

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