Contest #27

Picture 2.png (by Everything Everywhere)

Note: Please use your full name, a last initial, or at least some sort of unique nickname when answering. We are getting people with the same first name and it is hard to keep track.

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  1. Fairly zoomed out, but the region in view is the Israeli – Egyptian boarder, with the Gaza Strip in full view.

  2. Gaza Strip, it took me a few minutes, but I finally recognized the boarder outline…

    I really like this game!

  3. Its the Gaza Strip. Its always fascinating when you can see national borders in the geographic features. The sharp straight border of Gaza/Egypt and then the meandering armistice line are both visible.

    Sorry about the first name only thing, I posted as “David” with the same email address on the previous two questions.

  4. This is the Gaza Strip, with Egypt to the SW, and Israel on the other borders. The city of Gaza is top-centre, with Rafa on the Egyptian border.

  5. Israel with the Gaza Strip (West) and the West Bank (East). Southwestern corner is the Sinai Desert of Egypt.

  6. The Gaza Strip. Interesting how the landuse is quite distinct in each country.

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