Contest #25 Answer

This one was probably a bit harder. The ones zoomed in photos tend to be. Also, I’m quite sure that no one reading this has visited the place. The answer is the Chernobyl (former) nuclear power plant in Ukraine. This of course is the location of the worst nuclear disaster in world history in 1986, during the last days of the former USSR.

Getting this one correct:

  • Karel
  • ACG
  • Ben Bayer
  • Matt Manolides
  • Stephen Hope
  • Skip
  • David

chernobyl_openpit (by dinabtream)

My Chernobyl Adventure part 2:  Unfinished Reactor (by Stuck in Customstream)
Image by Stuck In Customs

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  1. Fooled by the water – I was looking for an installation on a coast or river, such as Three Mile Island or Sellafield…

  2. What kills me is the fact that the flickr photo was tagged “New South Wales” and “Australia”. I wonder if others spent as much time scrolling up and down the coast, thinking “It MUST be somewhere around Sydney” as I did…

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