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  1. Beijing National Stadium. I hope it’s in better shape now than when this was taken. It looks a tad unfinished.

    Opening and closing ceremony, track and field – 2008 Olympic games.

    And just to the left is the aquatic centre, which is the only realistic place for Australia to make any real impact.

  2. Looks like China’s National Stadium (“Bird’s Nest”) for the Beijing Olympics. Also, if you check out the satellite image on Google Maps, you’ll see an unfinished version (http://tinyurl.com/4j2uds)

  3. Beijing National Stadium – home of the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2008 Olympic Games. Approximately 40N 116E.

  4. The Beijing National Stadium in China, soon to be sight of the main events for the Olympics.

  5. The National Stadium in Beijing, China, built for the 2008 Summer games. While it looks to be under construction, I believe it’s actually done – the exposed structure earns the building its nickname, the “Bird’s Nest.”

    Unfortunately, China’s abysmal human rights record is going to spoil the event.

  6. Looks like the Beijing National Stadium under construction? Doesn’t look that complete on the web, but maps.google.com has an older image than google earth, I guess.

  7. Beijing, China

    Site of the (still under construction) Olympic Stadium

  8. Located at 39.9915 N 116.39E on Google Maps, this is the construction site for the “Birds Nest” Beijing National Stadium.

  9. It is the National Oympic Stadium in Beijing. The Birds Nest. 39 degrees 52 29, 116 degrees 23 25.

  10. I vote for the new Olympic Stadium under construction in Beijing, China.

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