Contest #9 Answer

Dr. Bayer strikes again. The answer to contest #9 is the Ranu Raraku crater on Easter Island. The stone in this cinder cone is softer than what is found on the rest of the island and it was this stone which made most of the maoi on Easter Island.

Personally, I think he is exaggerating when he said “Oh, but that makes it a giveaway.”

Maoi and quarry - Easter Island

Contest #9

Picture 3.png (by Everything Everywhere)

Hint: The name for the larger area of this place is well known. However, to make it more difficult, I am looking for the specific name of the this spot within the better known area.

Contest #8 Answer

Andy McAllister, who I have ever reason to believe steals candy from children, correctly guessed that the image was of Mount Merapi in Central Java, Indonesia. Merapi is a very active volcano looming over the large cities of Yogyakarta and Solo in Indonesia. I was rather stunned that anyone was able to get it that fast.

Mount Merapi - Yogyakarta, Indonesia (by Everything Everywhere)

Announcement: New Format

Starting with Contest #11, I’m going to introduce a new format. People are just too good at guessing and the contests go by before some people can even have a chance.

What I’m going to do is have each contest run for 72 hours. All comments will be moderated, so guess aren’t made public.

At the end of the contest, all the moderated comments will be made public and everyone who guesses correctly will be given credit.

I will also start keeping stats of people who guess correctly and keep a running scoreboard of winners. Eventually, I’d like to have prizes of some sort, but we’ll need more people playing to get to that point.

Contest #7 Answer

Curses!! I can’t believe the company which sold the photo gave it away that easy! Andy McAllister picks up the win the assist from Dr. Bayer. The answer is Timbuktu, Mali. One of the most important trading cities in Africa and one of the places most responsible for the spread of Islam in North Africa.

Timbuktu ( (by Aluka Digital Library)
Image from

Contest #6 Answer

Contest #6 was won by the former Wisconsin State Debate Champion, the Honorable Doctor Benjamin Bayer PhD. The answer is the Dutch/Belgian enclaves/exclaves of Baarle-Hertog and Baarle-Nassau.

Seriously, guys. I thought this one would be much more difficult. I really need to think of something a bit harder.

Baarle (by giorgos_vr)