Contest #16 Answer

I knew this would be a hard one. In fact, I was surprised that anyone got it correct at all.

The image is of the Nan Modal ruins in Pohnpei, Micronesia. They are some of the least well known ancient ruins on Earth, which really should be better known. Not to mention that Micronesia is really in the middle of nowhere.

I’d be interested to know how people figured it out. The three members of the varsity squad are:

  • Ben Bayer
  • Roland
  • Karel

Nan Modal Wall at angle 2 HDR - Pohnpei, FSM

Nan Modal 9 - Pohnpei, FSM

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  1. OK, I will tell you how I got there:
    My first hunch was somewhere at the The East coast of South America, probably near the Amazon delta or further south near the Rio de la Plata.
    It had to be a coastal line, according to my judgment of the waves and in an area where there are (mangrove?) trees are touching the sea.
    But it soon turned out that I was wrong. So I made a quick tour along the Indonesian Archipel to see if I could recognise a pattern but then I realised that there were some mangrove islands at the Pacific. So I turned to Palau and Yap to search for it. And this is where the tedious part began. I just knew I was in the right direction and now it was a matter of trying to spot the areas with the right wave patterns and coastal colours for my detailed searches. Thank God for the SpaceNavigator!
    At last I found the right Island and soon the right spot, which turned out a to be a very interesting place of which I never heard before. Thanks for bringing this place under my attention!

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