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  1. Pons Aemilius (Ponte Rotto), Rome, Italy. Oldest stone bridge in Rome.
    41.8894, 12.4795

  2. Ponte Rotto (Broken Bridge), Pons Aemilius, Rome, Italy.
    The last remaining arch of the oldest stone bridge at the river Tiber
    41°53’21.84″ N 12°28’46.20″ E
    On the way to Sicily I’ve already driven over it:
    One-way-street, turning left onto the bridge,
    and suddenly it looks like LH traffic – very confusing

  3. Pons Aemilius
    Via di Ponte Rotto, Rome, Italy

    41°53’21.4″N 12°28’45.8″E
    41.889263, 12.479396

  4. We see the Ponte Emilio and the Ponte Palatino, together with the Piazalle Emilio in Rome, Italy.

  5. The Pons Aemilius (Italian: Ponte Emilio), today called Ponte Rotto, is the oldest Roman stone bridge in Rome, Italy. Preceded by a wooden version, it was rebuilt in stone in the 2nd century BC.

    41°53′22″N 12°28′46″E

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