Contest #786 – The Pooseum, Richmond, Tasmania, Australia

The creator of this museum describes the beginning thus: “I read a story about a small caterpillar being able to launch its poo up to 1.5 m away. Now that’s an achievement, wouldn’t you agree? A person 1.8 m tall would have to eject their poo 70 m to compete! Intrigued, I started to do some research on animal faeces, and soon the idea for a poo museum was born.”

The site has grown to include 50 exhibits and 40 “poo-tube” videos. Of course there is a gift shop, called “Poo-trid Shop”

Those who found it before the hint:

  • Martin de Bock
  • Lighthouse
  • Paul Voestermans
  • Phil Ower
  • Garfield

And after the hint

  • LawnBoy
  • Ashwini Agrawal
  • Andy McConnell
  • Andreas Meister
  • Graham Hedley
  • Gillian B
  • hhgygy
  • Bas van Limpt
  • Eloy Cano
  • Steve Jaycocks