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  1. Carmel, Indiana, USA
    39°58’43.61″ N 86°09’23.44″ W
    Carmel now has 140 roundabouts, more than any other city in the United States. And only 15 traffic lights remaining

  2. Keystone Parkway Is the Greenest Highway Intersection in the US,
    Carmel, Indianapolis

  3. Ooops, almost there, it’s the junction of West Main Street and North Meridian Street, Carmel, Indianapolis

  4. Highway 31 and surroundings in Carmel, Indiana, USA.

    I knew before the hint that last week was a 9-hole sand greens golf course, but I couldn’t locate it.

  5. Carmel, Indiana, USA. In the center of the image is the St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church.

  6. I’m not sure exactly what we’re supposed to point out, but this is W Main St in Carmel, Indiana (roughly 39.9775601,-86.1542513,86). The middle of the image is St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church.

  7. More precisely, Carmel, formerly Bethlehem, with 140 roundabouts.
    The city was honored for being the best place to live, the best place to launch a career and raise a family, as well as to be the safest city in U.S.A.

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