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Contest #486: Lakihegy Radio Tower, near Budapest, Hungary

The Lakihegy Radio Tower, just outside Budapest, Hungary was, at one time, the tallest man-made object in Europe – and is still the tallest man-made object in Hungary. The shadow on the ground was the key to solving this contest before the hint added some additional information. It shows that the tower is not the usual shape, but is built in a cigar design.

After a new radio tower was built to cover the area once served by Lakihegy in 1977, the plan was to bring the old tower down – however protests saved it – and it is now recognized as a protected industrial monument.

Found without additional support:

  • Garfield
  • Lighthouse
  • hhgygy
  • Farceur
  • joe9000
  • Eloy Cano
  • Paul Voestermans
  • mehmet durmus
  • Phil Ower
  • Jeather
  • Glenmorren
  • George, Esq

After the hint:

  • Ashwini Agrawal
  • Declan Moore
  • rob de wolff

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Contest #486


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Contest #483: Evergrande Soccer Academy, Guangdong, China

The Evergrande Soccer Academy is the worlds largest with over 2500 students (2015) and has at least 47 soccer fields. Costs to date are close to $200 million USD, with coaches coming from Spain to help with the training.

The eventual goal is to bring the FIFA World Cup trophy to China, and to make sure everyone at the school knows what the goal is, there is a oversized 13 metre high statue of the FIFA trophy.

Found without needing extra time:

  • Garfield
  • Lighthouse
  • Gyorgy Horvath
  • Phil Ower
  • mehmet DURMUS
  • Glenmorren
  • George, Esq.

Taken to extra time, with a decision reached:

  • No-one

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Contest #483 Hint

Biggest in the world. Spain helped out with key individuals!

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Contest #483


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Contest #474 Hint

The central bit is large, very large – even bigger than a blue whale.

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Contest #474


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Contest #473: the Smart Car test track and factory

Back in 1994, Daimler-Benz and the watch maker Swatch built this Smart Car factory complex in Hambach, France. It opened in 1998 and have built the majority of Smart cars in existence.

It takes about 4.5 hours to assemble a Smart car in the Hambach factory that is set up in such a way that parts are delivered just when needed. Most suppliers are located close by.

Building a Smart car:

Smart enough to find it without assistance:

  • Glenmorren
  • Eloy Cano
  • hhgygy
  • steve willis
  • Garfield
  • Phil Ower
  • Lighthouse
  • Luís Filipe Miguel

Others took the Smart hint and ran with it:

  • Declan
  • Chris Nason
  • Robin
  • Skip
  • Ben S
  • Joe9000

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Contest #473 Hint

I could say something smart but it would help you.

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Contest #473


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