15 Replies to “Contest #869”

  1. Orissaare oak tree in the middle of a stadium, Orissaare Staadioni Tamm

  2. Talk about home field advantage. Orissaare stadium oak tree in Saaremaa, Estonia (European tree of the year 2015).

  3. Orissaare oak tree in the middle of the stadium, museum, Estonia,
    58°33’32.40″ N 23°04’49.04″ E

  4. Oak tree in a football field, European Tree of the Year 2015.
    Orissaare, Estonia
    58.558935584994295, 23.080263182782403

  5. Oak tree on a football field, Orissaare, Saare County, Estonia.

    Tree of the Year, 2015.

  6. 58°33’32.4″N 23°04’48.7″E
    Orissaare, 94601 Saare County, Estland

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