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  1. Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station near Sayanogorsk in Russia

  2. Sayano–Shushenskaya Dam
    Republic of Khakassia, Russia

    52°49’44.4″N 91°22’33.9″E
    52.828994, 91.376072

  3. Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam, on the Yenisei River, near Sayanogorsk in Khakassia, Russia.

    52°49’37.16″N, 91°22’30.35″E

  4. Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower dam, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
    52°49’31.83″ N 91°22’14.27″ E

  5. The Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam is located on the Yenisei River, near Sayanogorsk in Khakassia, Russia. It is the largest power plant in Russia and the 9th-largest hydroelectric plant in the world


  6. Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam, Russia. Leader board currently shows me having 6 points instead of 8. I’ve found all locations before the hint in this series.

  7. The Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Station (Russian: Саяно-Шушенская гидроэлектростанция; Sayano-Shushenskaya gidroelektrostantsia) is a hydroelectric power station on the Yenisei River near the city of Sayanogorsk in the Russian Autonomous Republic of Khakassia.
    Coordinates 52.826549°, 91.371608°.

  8. 52°49’46.37″N
    Sayano-Shushenskaya power station

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