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  1. Spillway for dam at Robert Bourassa Generating Facility, near Radisson, Quebec, Canada.

  2. Robert-Bourassa Spillway
    Baie-James, Quebec, Canada
    53°47’36.58″ N 77°27’00.89″ W

  3. The Robert-Bourassa Reservoir, located in northern Quebec, in Canada. The centerpiece of the dam and reservoir is the immense spillway aptly called “the giant’s staircase.”
    Coordinates 53.792621°, -77.454136°.

  4. Spillway of the Robert-Bourassa generating station, formerly known as La Grande-2, Quebec, Canada


  5. Robert-Bourassa Generating Station, Canada
    53°47′43″N 77°26′26″W

  6. Robert-Bourassa Spillway
    La Grande Riviere Reservoir
    Quebec, Canada
    53°47’36.2″N 77°26’46.7″W
    53.793387, -77.446293

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