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  1. Dam in the river Douro on the border of Spain and Portugal, and Central de Aldeadávila.
    Coordinates 41.211780°, -6.685970°.

  2. Aldeadávila Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam on the Duero River in Spain, in the border with Portugal.


  3. Correction: 41°12’42.95″ N 6°41’08.41″ W
    Aldeadávila Dam, not Portugal, just very close, it is Spain

  4. The Aldeadávila dam, also known as the Aldeadávila waterfall, is a work of hydroelectric engineering built in the middle course of the Duero River, 7 km from the Salamanca town of Aldeadávila de la Ribera, on the border between Spain and Portugal.

  5. Aldeadávila Dam, Douro river – Spain/Portugal border
    41°12’42.5″N 6°41’09.5″W
    41.211818, -6.685972

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