Contest #684 Hint

He was born in Spain, travelled throughout India and Japan, and died here. The church was built in 1869, rebuilt in 2006. If you want the post-hint point, you must give approimate coordinates (within 10 minutes each direction) to the actual location.

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  1. Shangchuan Island, Chuanshan Archipelago, Taishan, China. The place where Francis Xavier initially was buried. 21°44’56.00″N, 112°46’27.92″E

  2. 21°39’55.0″N 112°47’44.0″E

    Taishan, Guangdong, Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, China – The St. Francis Church on Shangchuan Island

  3. 21°44’55.93″N, 112°46’27.90″E Francis Xavier church, Shangchuan Dao island, chapel commemorating his death. Thought there was a Japanese connection, but couldn’t resolve the lack of Zenrin.

  4. Chapel of the Tomb of St Francis Xavier, Shanchuan, China.
    21°44’56.01″N 112°46’27.71″E

  5. 21°44’54.76″ N 112°46’29.06″ E
    Saint Francis Xavier, died on Shangchuan Island, China

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