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  1. Hey – I’ve got no fricking idea (I’ll be hanging out for the hint), but I wanted to say I have no problem with your clues. As someone who has run an internet-based treasure hunt, I appreciate crumbs of information carefully dropped. And yes, some people will rarely get them (have you seen my score???) but that makes the winning even more fun.

    Also, some people are jerks. Ignore them.

  2. Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

    61°13’5.08″N, 149°53’24.64″W

    I have to admit that it is not clear to me which event or fact is featured in this contest. The Wendler Building is located here , as well as a visitor center, some fur outlet, etc.
    I’m curious to see what it will be when the lid is removed from the jar.

  3. 4th and D St. in Anchorage Alaska is the ceremonial start of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, but that’s in March, so I’m perhaps off on another tangent. Nevertheless, the above intersection is in the image. Fur Rondy headquarters is also at this intersection, which is Anchorage’s largest festival, but is also in February.

  4. Alascattalo Day is celebrated on November 21st every year. The day is named after it’s mascot, the Alascattalo, a genetic cross between a walrus and a moose. Alascattalo is a mythical creature conceived 25 years ago by Steven C. Levi. The parade runs one block in an alley behind Club Paris, a local comedy club, in Anchorage.


  5. 61°13’05.31″ N 149°53’25.08″ W
    Anchorage, Alaska downtown with Fur Outlet / Fur Gallery / Fur Rendezvous Headquarters / Iditarod Historic Trail / Tour Center.
    Battered by the pandemic, downtown Anchorage hibernates.
    Fur Rondy organizers cancel 2021 championship sled dog race over coronavirus concerns

  6. Addition – it is another anniversary:
    Fur Rondy since 1935, a three-day sports tournament

  7. Sorry to hear of more issues with the clue Paul and Andrew. If one googles – November 16 thirteen answered by eleven celebration – which is in the clue, the first item that comes up is Statia Day.

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