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  1. “The day the clowns cried”
    41°47′41.9″N 72°40′28.0″W
    Hartford Circus Fire, Connecticut, July 6, 1944
    The fire killed 167 people and more than 700 were injured

  2. On October 25 I answered WOGE #679 posting part of the Chinese Wikipedia text with, AT THE VERY END, the location of that dam !

    I’m not even listed in the winners !?! Only woman and still forgotten ?!?!?

  3. The Hartford circus fire, July 6, 1944, in Hartford, Connecticut, was one of the worst fire disasters in United States history. The fire killed 167 people and more than 700 were injured.


  4. I’m very sorry for you, Kiribatian Jacob. Are you and your family alright? Keep strong!


  5. Kiribatian Jacob, this is very sad. I feel with you and the people there. All the best for you.

  6. The image shows the location of the Hartford circus fire, July 6, 1944, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
    41°47′41.9″N 72°40′28.0″W

  7. Dear Paul Voestermans, Martin de Bock, Lighthouse, Phil Ower and my other friends who share my pain, I express my gratitude to you all.
    As of now, a total of 113 dead and 1035 injured people,
    we are very sorry for all of them.
    Thank God I and my family are fine.
    The best news today was the healthy rescue of a 3-year-old girl from under debris after 91 hours.

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