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  1. 51°31’38.77″N, 0° 3’20.14″W. London, UK. Most likely the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster, 75 years ago. Good series guys!

  2. 51°31’38.0″N 0°03’20.0″W
    51.527222, -0.055556

    Bethnal Green Underground Station, Cambridge Heath Rd, London, UK
    Site of a 1943 crush disaster with 173 fatalities

  3. Bethnal Green Tube Station, London, UK
    51°31’38.52″ N 0°03’21.17″ W
    On 3 March 1943, 173 people, including 62 children, were killed in a crush while attempting to enter the shelter

  4. Bethnal Green tube station: “On 3rd March 1943, an air-raid warning sounded and locals raced for cover at Bethnal Green tube station. Confusion and panic conspired to trap hundreds on the staircase entrance. In the crush that ensued, 173 were killed including 62 children with over 60 injured.”


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