5 Replies to “Contest #670”

  1. Dr. Bob’s Home museum, Akron, Ohio, USA.
    Coordinates 41.095747°, -81.549129°.
    Hilarious and a perfect end of this ‘booze’ series! My compliments!

  2. Dr. Bob’s Home! 855 Ardmore Ave, Akron, OH 44302, United States of America.

  3. Dr Bob’s Home, Akron, Ohio. A sobering end to the last 10 weeks, good contest.

  4. Yeah! That’s just what I need now after all that spirit.
    It’s the house where Dr. Robert Smith founded Alcoholics Anonymous – Dr. Bob’s Home.
    Akron, Ohio, USA
    41° 5’44.81″N 81°32’57.41″W

    Thank you, Andrew and Paul, for this great alcohol series!

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